Friday, May 22, 2009

The Best Way To Comfort Your Cat

Do you love pets? Do you have pets in your house? Is it a cat? Do you know that there is this amazing invention on how to protect our cats from other cats or animals? This new invention is called the Pet Porte Smart Flap. This new cat flap incorporates many new features compared to the old one. It has improved security with a new door design that is impossible for other cats to claw open. It is also easier and more flexible to programmeith an improved user interface. This new cat flap has a lot of benefits as it is a battery powered one. It also fit in an existing circular hole. Aside from these, it allows the cats who have been programmed in to gain access and it works using a cats pre-existing microchip implant. Right now, Pet Porte Smart Flap is having a special offer for a limited time only. This cat flap was designed and made in Guernsey and has an 18 month manufacturers warranty. If you will buy it at, customers can get a 40 day risk-free trial. SO, if you are interested to keep your cat stress-free and make your home safe and secure, why not go and visit their site. Buy a cat flap now.

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